Unconditional love

Growing up together
Growing up together

This is a post for posterity. I know there will be times in their lives when they will fight and drive each other mad. But right now Pickles and Pords are the very greatest of friends.
From the moment Pords wakes up in the morning she waits for him. As soon as she hears movement from his room, her whole being lights up. Now that she is mobile, she follows him around constantly.
In turn, Pickles is as doting a big brother as you will ever find. He comforts her when she is crying, brings her toys, tells her stories, and sings her songs.
They also find one another hilarious. Already they share a secret sibling sense of humour. They constantly have each other in fits of laughter and no one else can quite understand why.
For me, unconditional love looks like Pords’ face when she hears Pickles coming. I wrote a poem to try and capture that moment so if they ever go through sibling rough patches, I can read to them of a time when they were very best of friends.
A sound.
It could be anything but
You recognise it.
Friendly, happy,
Crashy sound.
You turn your head
And there he is.
Your world.
He is everything that
You want to be.
Kind and funny,
Getting taller.
You love him so.
Your brother.

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17 thoughts on “Unconditional love

  1. One of my greatest joys as a parent is seeing my children together, playing and giggling. My two girls especially are always having the best time. I remember it being this way with my sister and we are still just as silly together so I hope it lasts for my children too. #FridayReflections

    1. That’s wonderful. I am still great friends with my brothers too. It makes such a difference in life if you have people who have known you forever to share it with x

    1. I love it when they laugh at each other and I can’t figure out why. They operate on their own little wave length 🙂

  2. Awww that’s just lovely. I have two boys, and although there is quite a wee bit of jealousy, and jostling for ‘top dog’ they are inseperable, and have the most infectious laughs! No bond quite like siblings!

    1. It’s such a special bond. I’ve no doubt the jostling and jealousy will come with mine too – so I’m saving this post for those moments! 🙂

  3. My boyfriend and I are only children. He has a close cousin and I have a friend back in Brazil, also an only child, who is like a sister to me.
    Even though it’s not by blood, we feel the connection. And yes, it’s love, without conditions or judgement. Simple and pure love.
    Thank you for sharing such a beautiful post.

    1. You’re right, this type of bond doesn’t have to be between siblings. The connection is the key. Thank you for visiting.

    1. Absolutely! I have two brothers of my own and know it won’t always be this sweet. But I hope they’re always close 🙂

  4. Aah what a lovely post! I love watching the bond between my two — slightly different as they’re twins — but it’s SO heartwarming isn’t it? Just lovely to watch their little relationship blossom and unfold xx #PoCoLo

  5. How so sweet; may their love for each other continue to grow and grow. Such fab foundation for years to come, and what delight for you, to watch their blossoming love.
    Lovely poem and post 🙂 #CommentLuv #PoCoLo (belated)

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