To My Niece on Starting School

You started school last week
It doesn’t seem quite right.
Surely you’re a baby still –
Weren’t you born last night?
And yet so much has happened.
You’ve learned and you have grown.
And now you’re ready to explore
The big world on your own.
And the big wide world is lucky.
You surely are a star.
You don’t need to change at all
They’ll love you as you are.
And yet you will keep changing;
A bit more everyday.
Your shine will grow still brighter,
Through laughter, work, and play.
You’ll dazzle them with star shine
You’ll set the world alight.
Your time at school will be a joy
Because you shine so bright.
And though the day will come (too soon!)
When your school days will cease.
You’ll always be a shining star
My darling little niece.

4 thoughts on “To My Niece on Starting School

    1. I kept thinking it was ages until she started and then it was here all of a sudden! I’m going to be a mess when my own start school!

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