Green sandwich

Dr M2
Dr Pickles also performs routine checkups

This week I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather. Maybe because of all the sleepless nights. Every task has felt somehow bigger than usual.
This afternoon, after giving the kids their lunch and then putting Pords down for a nap, I returned to the kitchen to tidy up. I looked around at the mess and couldn’t face it. I sat down and put my head on the kitchen table.
Pickles came and tapped me on the leg: “What’s wrong mummy?” I didn’t quite know how to answer so I went for the trifecta. “Mummy feels sick. And tired. And hungry.” There was thoughtful silence. Then, the always delightful and terrifying, “Me have idea!”
I heard some busy noises. Then another tap on the leg. “Mummy. Me made you green sandwich. Feel better now.”
I was intrigued. I looked up. His face was beaming with pride. In his hands was the green sandwich. He held it out to me and I took it. Baby spinach between two pieces of bread. It tasted like love. It made me feel much better.
You can take your sleep. You can take your doctors. You can take your fancy lunches and caffeine hits. Toddler-made green sandwiches are my new remedy of choice.

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  1. Oh that is just so adorable. What a lovely kind little boy you have – I can well imagine that the green sandwich tasted very much of love and made you feel better instantly. I know what you mean about the phrase “me have idea” being both delightful and terrifying. Such a wonderful moment though and hope you are feeling better this week. Thanks for linking up with #ftmob 🙂

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