'Float or Sink' - Free Book Launch Party. Saturday, 6 February 2021, 2-4pm, Felixstow Reserve, by the creek

Float or Sink?

By Kylie Covark and Andrew Plant

Publisher: Ford Street Publishing

ISBN: 9781925804614

What happens if a ladybug lands on a stick in a creek?
What about a flea or a fly?
A gnat or a slug?
Or… a greedy duck?
What do you think? Float or sink?
This humorous rhyming tale will keep you guessing till the end.

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**Free teacher notes for use with the book are available for download here.**

My debut picture book, ‘Float or Sink?’, was released on February 1, 2021.

The book has been masterfully illustrated by Andrew Plant and is published by Ford Street.

The seed of the idea for this story came when my children and I were floating sticks in a creek near our house after a heavy rain storm. Sometimes the sticks would become snagged or disappear under the water, but other times they would bob along out of sight. I wondered what happened to them next. What might the various creatures of the creek think of this stick floating along? As we were playing and imagining we were also accosted by a duck, who wasn’t happy with us. She became Queen Quack, the villain of the tale and her giving the side eye to the other characters is my favourite illustration in the book.