My Helpful Little Elf


When first I found a place to live
And moved out on my own,
I sighed at all the housework
That was mine to do alone.

Even though I loved the thought
That it was my own space.
I really wished for little elves
To help me clean the place.

Flash forward just a year or ten
And suddenly there’s you.
My little elf who wants to help
With any work to do.

If you come across a mess
You always grab your broom.
Then sweep all of the dirt and dust
Around and round the room.

You collect up all the washing:
The shirts and pants and tights.
My conscientious helper
Who rarely sorts the whites.

You really love to spray and wipe –
Though usually you spray,
Then think of something else to do
And so wander away.

You just adore the washing up,
The soapy suds that splash.
But every now and then I hear
An old familiar crash.

There’s little doubt about it;
Chores were easier before.
But anything I do with you
Could never be a bore.

Your helpful heart is joyous.
You do it all with flair.
And frankly if there’s mess about
I really couldn’t care.

I never saw the magic
When I did it all myself.
So I’m writing this to thank you,
My helpful little elf.

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26 thoughts on “My Helpful Little Elf

    1. Oh he definitely does mess. Our house is a disaster area. He enjoys lots of elements of the housework… tidying up after himself not so much! πŸ™‚

  1. This is a lovely little rhyme and it just made me realise that household chores are indeed more fun with a little elf looking for the amusement in everything. Sure it takes me twice as long to hang the washing with little hands pulling it off from beneath, but his little giggles make it worth it πŸ™‚ #mg

  2. I must admit over the years it has driven me mad when i just want to get jobs done quickly and my little helpers insist on helping. But I must say at 11, 8 a6 they still love to help and they are actually quite good now at sorting washing or drying dishes. Very cute poem, and thank you for continuing to support #mg
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