Oh Bunny, Where Art Thou?


For a little while today Pords couldn’t find her very favourite toy rabbit. She was inconsolable. We found him in the end thankfully, but the episode gave me a little insight into her world.

Oh Bunny, Where Art Thou?

Have you seen my bunny?
His fur is soft and grey.
I just can’t seem to find him.
Perhaps he’s run away.

Although Mum tells me not to fret.
And Pickles thinks it’s funny.
It’s a terrible, horrible, monstrous thing
For a girl to lose her bunny.

My lip just won’t stop trembling.
My mouth can only frown.
My heart is close to broken.
My world is upside down.

It may be sort of tricky
To really comprehend
That I can’t be without bunny;
He’s my very dearest friend.

From the day that I was born
He’s been always at my side.
What could I have done
To make him want to hide?

Oh Bunny Love where are you?
Please come back very soon.
It’s not the same without you.
I love you to the moon!

But who’s that with my Daddy
With fur so soft and grey?
It is! It is my bunny!
Oh Dad! You’ve made my day!


10 thoughts on “Oh Bunny, Where Art Thou?

  1. Oh this tugged my heart strings! I remember my daughter losing her favourite teddy whilst in a supermarket. A cashier eventually saw me frantically retracing my steps with an inconsolable child and said “Are you looking for this?”
    My hands were shaking so much when I went to reach for the teddy! The whole ordeal left me feeling so sick that I ridiculously had to abandon my shopping and go back home!
    Needless to say, special teddy stays home at all times and good old replaceable Peppa Pig comes out with us!
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