The Days That I Like Best

We don’t have time for one more time,
We can’t stay for again.
Hurry up and find your shoes
Before I count to ten.

We don’t have time for one more swing,
We can’t stay for a slide.
Come on now, I’ve work to do,
We need to go inside.

We don’t have time for one more book,
We can’t stay for a rhyme.
Please don’t stand and argue;
I haven’t got the time.

We don’t have time for one more dance,
We can’t stay for a song.
Let me get your bag for you;
You’re taking far too long.

I listen to myself sometimes,
And try to understand.
Just when life got so busy;
This wasn’t what I planned.

We rush and hurry through the days,
Always far too stressed.
But the days that I make time for you,
Are the days that I like best.

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23 thoughts on “The Days That I Like Best

  1. I shared this on FB the other day because I absolutely love this poem. Lately, I’ve been on the move, trying to accomplish all the holiday tasks I need to do. Thinking back, I’ve found myself doing exactly what your poem portrays-rushing my child through the fun so I can accomplish what’s on my list. I’m actually so much better with this than I used to be, but this poem is a beautiful reminder to enjoy every moment to its fullest! #mg

    1. Thank you Katie. I think it’s a pattern we can all slip into if we’re not mindful of it. I’m trying to get better at it too. Thanks for sharing x

  2. Aww, I can relate to this so much. I always feel like I’m impatient and trying to rush on with things. When put so eloquently by you I see how negative this must appear to my daughter. Thanks for sharing. Got me thinking about making changes. Have a fab weekend x
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