Ode to a Library

Palace of books,
Oh how you shine.
You lend me your treasures
And, briefly, they’re mine.

Without getting up,
Or leaving my place,
I can travel the world,
Through time and through space.

I am old in the morning
And then very young.
I wake in the Winter
But then Spring has sprung.

I sail on the ocean,
A pirate at sea.
I’m snug in my bed
And yet wild and free.

I’m lost in a jungle,
A tiger is near.
But safe in my armchair
I’ve nothing to fear.

I’m a famous magician,
A queen on a throne.
I’m surrounded by people,
Right here on my own.

With every new story,
Every page that I turn,
I discover new wonders,
I grow and I learn.

No matter the cover,
No matter its looks,
There’ll always be beauty
In a palace of books.


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14 thoughts on “Ode to a Library

    1. Thank you. ? I’m happy for you to use the poem if you like. It would be lovely to imagine it out there somewhere being enjoyed by someone!

  1. Libraries are the portals to whole new worlds, I love them. The smell of books, the rustle of pages and the hush.
    If I won the lottery (I dont do it, so chances are slim) my dream house would have a library complete with a chaise lounge and a wheely ladder to reach the high up books!!
    Thanks for linking uo, Tracey xx #abitofeverything
    P.s your a fabulous poet xx
    Tracey Abrahams recently posted…My Happy Diary Linky – Week #1My Profile

    1. Thanks Tracey. I think having a ticket usually improves your chances but only so very slightly that it hardly seems worth it! Thanks for hosting.

    1. Thank you. Yes, one of the things I love about the library is the great mix of people you find in there. All bonded by their love of books!

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