Happiness insomnia


Last night I couldn’t get to sleep. I wasn’t worried about anything. I hadn’t had too much caffeine. I was excited about today.

Why today? It’s not my birthday. It’s not Christmas. I’m not even going out for a fancy lunch.

I was excited about today because I wanted to see what new things my babies would do.

Pords is eight and a half months. What an age to be alive. She is much more mobile, getting into everything. Perhaps today will be the day she gets up on her hands and knees crawls properly.

She’s also understanding more, vocalising more, trying to say words. I remember getting this same level of excitement about tomorrows when Pickles was about this age. Every day brings new wonder.

Pickles has been trying to sell me tickets for a couple of days now. He’s been saying something very enthusiastically over and over again but I haven’t been understanding him. Then yesterday I got it:

“Welcome! Welcome, everyone, to the Pickles show! Tickets please!”

Every day he does a little performance, or comes out with a new word or phrase, or is excited to learn something. I’ll always buy tickets to the Pickles show. Front and centre.

Our days aren’t always sunshine and lollipops. Sometimes we all drive each other crazy. But this is just a little post about this moment in my life when I have trouble sleeping because life is just so wonderful. Hopefully when the world turns and I’m losing sleep for a less joyful reason, I’ll be able to look back at this time of happiness insomnia and smile.

Little Hearts, Big Love


22 thoughts on “Happiness insomnia

  1. I remember that feeling of excitement about what the kids would learn and do the following day. Now I get it when the grandkids are having a sleepover. I love the idea of happiness insomnia – some feelings are worth not sleeping for. Pickles sounds like a fun and wonderful little superstar 🙂
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    1. Thanks for visiting and commenting. What very lucky grandkids you’ve got. Having a grandparent who is excited when you come to visit is one of the greatest things in the world! The joy of having little people to love is definitely worth losing sleep over 🙂

    1. Yes, when I get a moment to stop and reflect in the midst of all the madness, it really is a wonderful time. Thanks for stopping by ?

    1. Thank you. Yes, I agree, anything that involves a lack of sleep can never be all good! But if you’re going to be tired anyway, you may as well be tired and happy ?

    1. I know. It’s like cracking a mysterious code. Even better when you figure out it’s something totally random like selling tickets to their own show. Kids are the best! ?

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