A Very Messy Monday

My last post was about how much fun mess can be. Today I was faced with a very different kind of mess. Today I was faced with a mystery poo.

There’s nothing fun about a mystery poo.

It started out like any other Monday. Pickles woke everyone up when he heard the garbage truck coming, because watching the garbage truck is the highlight of the week and no one can miss it. Bleary eyed we applauded as once again the truck managed to empty the bin. Bravo fine Sirs, bravo. Then there was the bustle of breakfast and preparing for the day. Soon enough it was time to put Pords down for her morning nap and Pickles and I headed to the play room at the end of the house.

I smelt it before I saw it. It was hidden in the corner under a pile of toys. I had to pry the bottom toy up because it was caked on. The mystery poo. Nothing prepares you for a mystery poo. Who could be responsible for this unholy surprise? There are two main suspects. Pickles and the cat, although neither has done anything like this before. My other guess is that a demon broke into the house overnight. The latter seems the most likely. I proceeded to spend all morning scrubbing, using every product I had and every home remedy that Google could suggest. The stain seemed to intensify. It is now soaking in baking soda and white vinegar. We shall see.

After leaving Pickles to his own devices all morning while I was waging war with the demon poo, I decided some lunchtime fun was in order. So I suggested we make bread rolls in the shape of numbers. He was very helpful with the kneading, and very patient while the dough proved. Then we floured the board and shaped out a 1, 2, 3 and 4. I transferred them onto a tray and into the oven.

I had my back to him for maybe 20 seconds.

When I turned back Pickles had tipped the entire bag of flour out. It was everywhere. All over the table, all over the floor, and all over him. I turned back towards the oven and peered in at the number buns. Deep breaths. 1, he was only doing what he’d seen me do minutes earlier when I’d floured the board. 2, it’s my fault for leaving an open bag of flour out. 3, he’s only two. 4, it might be a big mess but at least it’s not a mystery poo. A new bar has been set and it’s oh so low.

So that was my day. A very messy Monday.

I’m updating this post a few months down the track for the wonderful Advice from the Heart, hosted by Julie from Happy Mama Happy Baby and Charlene from The Moderate Mum, because with a newly-toilet-trained toddler, I realise I’m probably not the only mum who has found herself with poo on the carpet!

The stain is pretty much all gone. I can still see a faded smear but I think that’s just an imprint on my eyeballs from all the time I spent with it. No one else can see it. The baking soda and vinegar did most of the job. Then I used dishwashing liquid for the rest.

Obviously better to avoid the poo situation in the first place, but if it happens it’s good to know you can fix it with household items!


Happy Mama Happy Baby


7 thoughts on “A Very Messy Monday

    1. If I don’t bake with Pickles he gets all the things out and tries to do it himself which is so, so much worse 🙂 Thanks for hosting x

    1. In the intervening time I’ve concluded that it was another little person who visited the previous day and was toilet training at the time. He disappeared while his mother and I were chatting in another room but I didn’t think anything of it. All good now! Thanks for hosting x

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