The Kookaburra Chorus

Apologies for the latest absence. I’ve been posting on Facebook but the three tiny people, the chronic sleep deprivation, and the busy-ness of work during the university semester leave very little time for much else. However, I have been working on some writing for children, which is really what I want to be doing in the long term. It’s always energising to do what you love. So *deep breath* here’s what I’ve been writing…

The Kookaburra Chorus

The Kookaburra Chorus

Those of us who live here now,
And all who’ve come before us,
Trusted one thing for our news:
The Kookaburra Chorus.

When Nelly Numbat won the first
Bush parliament election,
The kookaburras crowed that it was
On their pre-selection.

When Peter Possum built a school
For all the little ones,
The kookaburras claimed that it was
They who’d raised the funds.

The kookaburras spread good news
And filled the bush with cheer.
But also told us who was bad,
And who we had to fear.

Mrs Dingo’s youngest lad
Went out alone one day.
Looking round to find a friend
With some new game to play.

He came upon a scary snake
In Mumma Emu’s Nest.
He howled out loud to frighten off
That mean, unwanted guest.

That snake he hissed and growled and spat
And slid off to the South.
But not without an emu egg
Clutched firm within his mouth.

The kookaburras swooped in,
Having heard the noise;
They always made good stories,
Did Mrs Dingo’s Boys.

Mumma Emu ran back fast
And screamed and shrieked in fear.
“That dingo stole my egg” she cried,
And others drew in near.

“It wasn’t me!” The dingo yelped,
“A snake has got that egg!
Please come and help me rescue it.”
He tried to plead and beg.

A great kerfuffle followed then
And in the vast confusion,
The flighty flock of news-birds
Jumped to the wrong conclusion.

He wanted so to save the chick,
And tried hard to speak up,
But screeching kookaburras
Drown out a lonely pup.

He was growing mad and desperate,
Until he spied his mate.
Charlie Cockatoo could fly
And would investigate.

The cockatoo spied the snake
And squawked to the galah.
In turn she used her loudest voice
To help the news spread far.

A lyre bird heard it next
And told it to her fella,
Who told it to a lorikeet
Whose name was Arabella.

Now Arabella lorikeet
Was only very small.
She didn’t think her tiny tweet
Could make much sound at all.

But even little voices
Can spread the truth around.
The special ring of honesty
Can amplify their sound.

So Arabella shouted:
“You’ve all got the wrong guy!”
Til other birds took up the call
Across the bushland sky.

And finally they heard it –
Mumma Emu and the rest –
They hunted down the snake
And took the egg back to the nest.

Now when we want to hear the news
We have a hundred choices.
With lots of different points of view
From lots of different voices.

And sometimes it’s confusing
To know the right from wrong.
But we see a bigger picture.
We hear a brighter song.

If we have to ask more questions
Then that’s just what we do.
Because things work so much better
When we find out what is true.