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I’m Kyles. In a previous life I was a human rights educator with a Masters in Law and a PhD. I’ve now tumbled down the rabbit hole and into another life. In this one I live with my husband and three very tiny humans named Pickles, Pords and The Third. Part-time university teacher, some-time blogger, full-time mum. I love travel and music. Chocolate and wine. And books. Always books.

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7 thoughts on “Me and My Corner

  1. Hi – I just wanted to say I absolutely love your poetry corner – now I’m a mum to two small people I can relate completely!

  2. I too just stumbled across your poetry corner… most of them brought a tear to my eye… they remind me so much of my life with my toddler boy and baby girl… beautiful chaos! What a beautiful way with words you have. Thank you for sharing.

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