Car Ride

I was in the car by myself on the weekend, which doesn’t happen very often these days. I caught myself pointing out a digger that I drove passed. Out loud. To no one in particular.

Then, when I got where I was going, I realised that I had also had the kids’ CD playing the whole time and had been singing along.

I think these are definite signs that I need to get out more.

It was was particularly amusing (horrifying) given a similar incident that had happened the week before that I had posted a poem about on Facebook.

Car ride

I find the psychology fascinating. When I get little glimpses of myself like this it makes me think that parenthood has completely rewired (melted) my brain. It’s amazing that I can ever hold an adult conversation at all. I wouldn’t be surprised if one day someone just comes clean with me and tells me that I’ve been speaking in Seussian rhyme for the last two years and everyone has assumed I’m mad.

It’s not all bad news of course. Having this sort of perspective is quite refreshing. It’s nice to pay attention to all the little details that a child would notice. When Pickles goes for a walk he literally does stop and smell the roses. He takes delight in lots of things that most adults would probably just walk straight passed.

I’m happy to encourage and nurture this quality in my children by helping them to notice things. I also think it’s a good thing if I stop and smell the roses even when Pickles isn’t there to lead by example.

But there is probably a time and a place for it. I probably don’t need to be noticing things out loud to myself in the car. Hopefully at some point my brain will be able to snap back.

If it ever it does though, I really hope that a little spark of that childish wonder remains.


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18 thoughts on “Car Ride

  1. So true! I totally agree and think that having children allows us to re-live our own childhood a little through them and the wonder that they find in everything.

    Fab poem too – made me giggle. A little bit like when a customer sneezed at work and I yelled “ah bless yooooo” in a very excited sing song voice. Oops. :0) x


  2. This is so sweet and endearing!! Love the poem! I look at things if I’m out by myself, and think ‘oooh, the boys would love that!’ But usually remember in time that they aren’t with me! I do worry for my ‘rewired’ brain too, I keep panicking that one day I’ll be taken out of my SAHM bubble, and will have to HOLD DOWN A JOB! And have ADULT CONVERSATIONS??! I literally don’t think I’m able to do this anymore! And only today I got cross with my youngest for stopping to touch literally everything on the way home from the shops… Now I feel bad!! I should be relishing his curiosity, not rushing to get home!!
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    1. Yes, but sometimes we really just have to get home! I think a bit of balance about it is totally fine 🙂 Hopefully being part of a blogging community is a good way of practising being a grown up!

  3. Oh, what a fab post! It is so true about one’s brains being re-wired. I love looking at the world through my children’s eyes. What we take for granted is re-awakened as we are reminded to stop, smell and wonder at the beauty of the rose. But it is not a good sign when The Wiggles’ Hot Potato is your favourite song – ssshhh, don’t tell anyone I admitted to that. #abitofeverything.
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  4. Haha this is so funny I find myself doing this all the time – look there’s a sheep! Oh no toddler in the car. But I think it is wonderful that we are now able to look at these things with childish delight which we otherwise would have not batted an eyelid at. Lovely post thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub brain melted mama x
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