On Tuesdays, baby Pords and I get special mummy/daughter bonding time at baby music class. It’s quite late in the afternoon and by the end she is usually starting to get quite tired.

Today, was no exception. She was so enthusiastic at the beginning of class. Laughing and “singing” and exploringย all of the wonderful instruments. She was interacting with the other babies and having fun. She particularly loved the dance portion of proceedings – always a special favourite. Then she started getting a bit over it. We were both looking at the clock.

But then, justย before the end of class, our music teacher pulled out some bubbles. Pords’ mood immediately changed. She was absolutely delighted as she watched them float around. She chased after them, tried to catch them, and just sat and watched.

She watched me blow more and more. She looked at me, then at the bubbles, then back at me. What is this delightful witchcraft?

Bubbles are magic like that. I hope that as she grows and her days become less filled with bubbles, she is able to recall that feeling of contentment that just sitting and staring at bubbles now brings her.


Colour winks in sunlight
Transfixing little eyes.
Everything seems magical
When bubbles fill the skies.

Perfect rainbow spheres,
Bouncing here and there.
Glinting dappled colours,
Dancing through the air.

Time escapes with bubbles,
Floats off far away.
Troubles seem to disappear
When bubbles are at play.

Then as from a dream,
Suddenly you’re woken
With tiny, soundless pops,
The bubbles’ spell is broken.

But though it’s disappointing
When the bubble fun is through,
You can try and find the rainbow
That lives on inside you.

For you see, bubbles are fragile
They can only stay awhile.
But if you take joy in their beauty
They’ll sparkle through your smile.

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42 thoughts on “Bubbles

  1. Im 42 and I still absolutely love playing with bubbles. There use to be many years ago a clock in a shopping centre in Cheltenham. It had a fish suspended from it, and when the clock chimed it spun round and blew bubbles. I loved that clock!!
    Thanks for sharing, Tracey xx #happydiaries xx

    1. Wow. That sounds like a magnificent clock. I don’t really like shopping but I can imagine that being able to stop for a minute and watch bubbles would make it so much better! Thanks for hosting x

  2. Aaah, lovely poem!! My 2 just love bubbles too! We go a similar sounding music class, where there is always bubbles at the end, and I never tire of seeing their little faces every time the bubbles come out! We’ve also got a automatic bubble machine at home, I can’t use it indoors because it makes the floors dangerously slippery, but it was a great entertainer outside in the summer!
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    1. We’ve got one of those bubble machines too. Sometimes my toddler will call out “Bubble dance party” and I have to put the bubbles on and turn the music up while he dances around. Another kind of magical ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. That’s so true. I’ve mastered making my own bubble mixture now and they would happily play in bubbles all day. I really need to try and remember that in the lead up to Christmas!

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