Questions and Demands

What’s that Mummy?
You always want to know.
And why Mummy, why?
Why is it so?

Who’s that Mummy?
She’s got grapes as well!
Do you think she’ll be my friend?
Hey! What’s that funny smell?

Can we go now Mummy?
And can I drive the car?
And can I take this snail with me?
It’s my favourite snail, by far!

Can I have that Mummy?
And maybe that one too!
And if I can have all of these
I’ll give this one to you.

What shall we do now Mummy?
Can we go outside?
Can you play a game with me?
You count, while I hide!

What’s for dinner Mummy?
Can I have a treat?
What is that you’re making?
I need something to eat!

Finally I find a seat,
And take your little hands.
Can you slow down, baby,
With your questions and demands?

I’m exhausted sweetheart,
Please cut your mum some slack.
The only answer that I want
Is when does Dad get back!?

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26 thoughts on “Questions and Demands

  1. Love this! Brilliant rhyme! It so perfectly describes my daughter who has just reached the “I want” stage. I can cope for so long before having a small fit and yelling “just stop wanting stuff!” (Although to be fair to your little one, snails are cool). :0) x #mg

  2. Oh my boy was a fountain of questions when he was little. I would say to you to enjoy it, because once they go to school and realise there are other sources of information, you (or at least I did) will be quite sad that they dont come to you for the answers to all their questions xx #mg
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    1. I saw on a documentary once that they can have quite distinctive personalities. (Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom is a documentary right?)

    1. Thankfully we haven’t quite graduated to movies yet. I can only imagine the fresh batch of questions that I’ll hear when that happens! 🙂

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