Even though Pickles is still only two, just recently he seems suddenly much more grown up. I think that this is probably a phenomenon that lots of parents experience, and that might be experienced over and over as you watch your child grow. Every now and then your child is suddenly bigger.

It can come as a bit of a shock when you are with your child every day. When you are constantly watching with them, teaching them, and playing and interacting with them. Sometimes you watch them trying to master something over a number of days and weeks. You are right their for the journey and the triumph and share in it all. But sometimes it just seems like overnight they suddenly have a new perspective on something, or a new skill, or their pants are suddenly miles too short!

I wrote a poem about this experience. It’s intention is to capture the melancholy, but also the wonder. Watching a child grow and learn and develop is an absolute privilege and I am constantly in awe of the new things that my children can do every day, of their strength and bravery as they push the limits and try new things, and of their delightful little personalities as they emerge.


Mikey-16 copy

Suddenly you’re older
And your eyes are older too.
There’s that old familiar twinkle,
But the watchfulness is new.

Suddenly you’re taller
And I’m struggling to recall,
The last time that I held you
When you were still Very Small.

Suddenly you’re braver
And you think it’s oh so grand,
To stroll along the avenue
Without your mummy’s hand.

Suddenly you’re stronger
And I guess I should have known,
That there would come Β a day
When you could do so much alone.

Suddenly I’m older
And my eyes are older too.
And as I’ve watched you grow
I’ve grown immensely proud of you.

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28 thoughts on “Suddenly

    1. Time is a funny thing. It disappears every time I blink. I need to befriend a Time Lord. If you know any, send them my way. Thanks for hosting x

  1. Oh, I love this poem! And it’s very apt right now as Bear has just gone through one of those spurts where he’s suddenly so much more grown up. He seems to understand almost everything we say now and he’s actually attempting to say more than just ‘Daddy’. He’s always climbed but now he moves everything to aid him in his climbing and he can even pick up full sized dining chairs when we tip them onto their side to stop him using them to climb! It seems like it happened overnight!

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    1. I always think it’s genius how they manage to see everything not for its intended purpose, but for its potential to get them higher!

    1. I think my toddler struggles with this a bit himself. Some days he will insist that he is a big boy and some days he will firmly say that he is not a big boy, still a little boy or a baby. He’s not my baby any more but he’ll always be my baby!

  2. This is so beautiful, it perfectly captures that sense of wonder and ‘how did that happen?’. It really does all go so fast, it’s exciting and bittersweet. Your poem is wonderfully structured as always, I never manage to get rhyming right πŸ™‚ #prose4t
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