Affirmations from children’s books

This week, the Friday Reflections series prompted writers to share their favourite affirmations.

It should come as no surprise that mine are affirmations from children’s books. Children’s books give us some truly wonderful words to live by. I think these quotes rival others found on inspirational posters. What do you think?


I love this first one because it reminds me that I have the power to change course in my life if I soย choose. I can always be readjusting my sail to steer for happiness and fulfilment. The ability to recognise and act on this is something I seek out in others. It is also something I would like to pass on to my children. I don’t want them ever to feel stuck, or be in a position where they live onlyย for the weekend, or wish parts of their lives away.


I probably place too much credence in this next one, as I definitely spend more time cultivating happy thoughts than on my personal appearance. Even so, I love it!


I think everyone could use reminding of this next one every now and again.


Different people might use different words, but I think if you believe in yourself and you find that little spark of magic, anything is possible.


The last one is about the importance and value of friendship. Being a friend is indeed one of the most positive impacts you can have in someone’s life. Even if you are not the cleverest, or the most creative, or the most beautiful one on the farm, if you can be a friend that is a tremendous thing, and you should be celebrated for it.

You have been my friend.

So they are five of my favourite affirmations. What do you think? Can you think of other affirmations from children’s books?

14 thoughts on “Affirmations from children’s books

  1. I’ve never heard the Dr Seuss quite but I’m saving it up for my grandson when he is old enough to understand. We should all read children’s books because they have wonderful messages which as adults we sometimes forget. #FridayReflections

    1. It’s a wonderful quote isn’t it. I keep meaning to get a print of it for my children’s bedroom wall. Thanks for visiting.

    1. Thank you. I am often stuck by how profound children’s books can be when I’m reading with my little people. It’s wonderful ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Love, love, love all of these! Dr. Seuss is brilliant, but Pooh Bear has my heart! ๐Ÿ™‚ I teach a high school literature class, and our very first book of the year is “Winnie the Pooh.” As I tell my students, “You can learn an awful lot from that ‘silly old bear!'” I wish I had a nickel for every children’s book quote my grown daughter and I still say back and forth to each other. ๐Ÿ™‚
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    1. I think it’s interesting that when people talk about the great authors of all time, writers of children’s literature are often overlooked. Few can match A.A. Milne.

    1. Thanks Mackenzie. I was spoiled for choice with the all the wonderful affirmations in books for little people. They can teach us a lot x

  3. I love these quotes!! Thanks for sharing ๐Ÿ™‚ I read a book to my nephew this year that is not only unique and special but introduces the spirit world (or the afterlife) to children in a beautiful and easy to understand manner. The books is called “Do You See What I See?” by author Katrina-Jane ( The quote that really stuck with me is “Always be honest, Always be true, for this is a special gift that has been given to you.” My nephew was constantly speaking to an imaginary friend that he kept referring to as his angel. After doing some research about children seeing spirits and ghosts I came across this book. My nephew was fearful of divulging any information about his “angel” but after reading this book understands that he has a special gift and that there are other children who have this gift too. It is such a unique book with lots of positive affirmations throughout. Hope you and your readers will check it out

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