A Partly Eaten Pear

A partly eaten pear,
Lies wasting on the floor.
I wonder what distracted you
And stopped you eating more

Did you suddenly remember
Your ball out in the sun?
Eating fruit’s delicious,
But football’s much more fun.

Was your sister crying?
Did you want to check on her?
We could always come and join you
While you eat if you’d prefer.

Perhaps you heard me coming
And thought I’d catch you out.
But eating healthy food
Is what mummy’s all about!

If you’re ever hungry
You know the bowl’s in reach.
You can always eat an apple,
A banana, or a peach.

You can even eat a lemon,
Since I know you like the taste.
The problem’s not the eating,
The problem is the waste.

Many things don’t faze me,
But some I just can’t bear.
Like the sight of yet another
Partly eaten pear.

Prose for Thought


17 thoughts on “A Partly Eaten Pear

    1. ? What a lovely comment. As long as you eat the whole thing, it’s great that you want to eat a pear! Thanks for hosting the linky.

  1. What a fab poem! You’re very creative, loved it. Your description is so apt especially the last stanza —– that’s a true sign that you’re now, a mom. I’m the same, I cannot stand wasting food, so I tend to eat the leftovers until I realised that that was not healthy for myself too. #mg
    El recently posted…Chap 27 The Mummy StalkerMy Profile

    1. Haha – yes. Leftovers always seem so innocent don’t they? I keep putting things back in the fridge and re-serving them every time my little man says he’s hungry!

  2. This is my second time visiting your blog from #mg (or #Mummyandus), and I am once again so impressed by your poetry writing!! You have such a way with words. I love to analyze poetry, and you fill yours with so many hidden messages about parenting, motherhood and children. I’m a fan. Truly amazing. Sharing this! 🙂 #mg

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